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Car rental Crete, Toyota yaris
Booking a rental car in Crete is the finest way to see this gorgeous Greek island. Through its varied scenery, exciting past, and appealing culture, Crete entices tourists to take an extraordinary trip. By renting a vehicle, you can plan your schedule, explore hidden treasures, and immerse yourself in the […]

Top 5 reasons why you should rent a car in ...

Best foods Dakos
As you know, Crete is the largest island in Greece. This charming island is a big attraction for tourists. Crete is famous for its local food as well, which you must try once.If you’re planning to visit this beautiful island, do not forget to explore the best Crete’s food which […]

Eating Local in Crete: The Best Food to Try

Car Rental to visit Elafonissi Pink Beach
Elafonissi pink beach is one of the top attractions of Chania. It is ranked as the prettiest beach in Europe, which is located on the southwest coast of Crete. It is popular for its nature reserve, the alluring color of the sea, and the fantastic white flowers.The Elafonissi Island allows […]

Travel Guide to Elafonissi Pink Beach in Crete

Historical landmark: Rimondi Fountain
The island of Crete that has natural beauty and great historical significance named Rethymnon is visited by thousands of visitors every year.  From scenic landscapes, long beaches to mountain villages, this place has great things to offer each and every tourist. Here in this guide, we have mentioned top Top […]

Top 10 Tourist Attractions in Rethymnon

Preveli Beach
Crete is famous for its many stunning beaches, and many people consider Preveli Palm Beach the very best of them all. It is located on the island’s southern coast; the beach is situated in front of the limestone cliffs of the Kourtaliotiko gorge and is framed by a lush palm […]

Everything You Need to Know About Preveli Beach

Weekend in Chania Crete island
From the list of endless Greek islands such as Corfu, Samos, Santorini or Mykonos, without a doubt, Crete is the largest. It’s a place that has everything for everyone, starting from historic forts, plates of yummy Greek food and oodles of stunning scenery. There’s a bundle of astonishing things to […]

How To Spend A Weekend In Chania, Crete.

Car rental Heraklion Crete, Car hire Heraklion Crete
Greek, awarded as the most desirable spot for budding tourists, is filled with exquisite beaches, stunning architecture, and beautiful sea views. With alluring islands, Greece calls travelers at heart to explore its splendid beauty. Whether you are a nature-lover or an architecture fanatic, you would love to wander across Greece […]

Crete, the best Greek Island to visit in 2021

With a name that certainly causes horror, in case one does not know its history, the gorge of Zarkos, as it is otherwise known the gorge of the dead, is a small gorge in eastern Crete, just after the village of Ano Zakros, at a distance of 100 km southeast […]

The gorge of the dead in Crete

Top spots for nature lovers in Crete
  The island of Crete is inexhaustible and its countless beauties always win the visitor. Among the most unknown to the general public “diamonds” of the island, the secret earthly paradise of Lassithi is certainly a must explore the place. Richtis Gorge The reason for the small gorge of Richtis, […]

The secret earthly paradise of Crete

Considered as one of the largest Greek islands and fifth largest islands in the entire Mediterranean, Crete Island situated in Greece, is surrounded by 1000 kilometers of coastline, stunning beaches and huge mountains. Thanks to its major attractions, Crete Island has become one of the most visited and popular tourist […]

Places to visit in Crete Island, Greece

The Palace Of Knossos
Greece is known for its extraordinary islands like Corfu, Samos, Santorini or Mykonos and without a doubt, it could be said that Crete is the largest of them all and filled with some amazing landmarks that one should definitely witness in their lifetime. From historic forts to plates of yummy […]

Things To Do In Crete To Kindle Your Wanderlust