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Agia Pelagia is one of our bases. Renting a car from MYTHOS Car Rentals in the area of Agia Pelagia can’t get any easier. We can deliver and collect the car to and from your hotel with no extra charges. We will meet at the reception of your hotel to make your contract and complete your car rental in Agia Pelagia.

car rental Agia Pelagia

Car Rental Agia Pelagia

Agia Pelagia: All you need to know

Car Rental Agia Pelagia, Rent a Car, Car Hire

Rent a Car MYTHOS in Agia Pelagia

It will only make sense to give you a little history on one of the notable places in the entire Cretan Island. Sharing with you some of its historical facts and things you’ve probably not heard from anywhere else.

There seems to be a great history behind this region. There are findings of an ancient city, probably the city of Apollonia and there are being excavations to find out all the mysteries of this place. Being able to rise up and become one of the historical places in Greece even after being destroyed twice, is something remarkable. The first destruction was by being washed by the sea. Reason? The seismic sea wave caused by the eruption of the volcano of Santorini. The second destruction was by the army of the ancient Cydonians.

Agia Pelagia was an empty land, until the year 1965 when things started to change for her. Then, she was just a small port where people transferred coal and wood to another historical place known as Heraklion. Then a man visited the land and requested to buy lands from the locals. Considering the price, he offered, let’s just say they yielded and sold the land to him for about 5 000 drachmas which are about 15 EUR. The price was paid for 1000 square meters of land.

Car Rental Agia Pelagia, Rent a Car Agia Pelagia, Car Hire Agia Pelagia
Agia Pelagia 1960

This singular act paved way for another buyer to come to the region to get a piece for himself. But the interesting thing with the second man was the offer he made. Doubling the offer of the previous buyer, they also yielded to him. In summary, these two men where the pathfinder of all the tourism in the area.

Relaxing in Agia Pelagia.

Car Rental Agia Pelagia, Rent a Car Agia Pelagia, Car Hire Agia Pelagia
Agia Pelagia – Car Rental Mythos

Here in Agia Pelagia, the nightlife is great. You’ve got a good selection of cafes and bars to enjoy your favorite drink, she is primarily a spot for people interested in calm, relaxing seaside holidays. The Agia Pelagia bay is protected from the wave building North Winds, and the sea is almost always serene. Many people from Heraklion find shelter on the sandy shores for cool relaxation and dip in the blue waters.

There are lots of tavernas and restaurants which feature Cretan, Greek or even international cuisine, all of which have a beautiful view of the wonderful sea. A great place for those who need a spot to calm down and relax.

As you wine and dine here, feel free to partake in the wonderful scenes that surround you. you can take pictures in case you need to keep the unforgettable memories. We’ve got different shades of rippling sea. Talk about the children building a sand castle, the fishermen preparing their nets for the cold night labors and not forgetting the old fishing boats anchored in the bay.

At night, when the beach is not filled and the sounds fade away, soft purl of the sea grows more vocal. The site is magical. Whether looking at it from an elevated hilltop or you are sitting so close, you will be seeing it and touching it. It is the right place where you will enjoy a calming, also relaxing holiday on Crete.

The services you need.

Agia Pelagia provides you with everything you need just to make your holiday a memorable one for you and your loved one(s). To promote their culture further, you can find natural products which most of the shops have in their store. You’ve got Pharmacy, bikes, car rentals, an ATM machine, cybercafé, Pharmaceutical companies with qualified Pharmacist.

If you visit the Island during the winter. You will notice that they have just a few hundreds inhabiting the entire place with just a few tavernas and a supermarket always remain open. The state changes dramatically during your stay there.

You’ve got buses to Heraklion which is 20 km but both the arrival and departure times are not always precise. But note, there are no bus services at night.

Some notable beaches in Agia Pelagia.

The Ligaria Beach

Right at the east of the Island. The Ligaria Beach is a sandy one. It has lots of Tavernas and umbrellas. The bay though is smaller, it protects you from the North Winds. You have rooms there available for you to book.

The Mononafits beach

Car Rental Agia Pelagia, Rent a Car Agia Pelagia, Car Hire Agia Pelagia
Car Hire in Agia Pelagia – Mononaftis Beach

The Mononafits beach is at the West of Agia Pelagia. This is a lovely small cove which has umbrellas, hotels, and restaurants. The difference between this beach and Ligaria beach is that it is not protected from the North Winds. The scenery is beautiful. Surrounded with pebbles and sands. The cafeterias and the tavernas which surround the beach create a claustrophobic sensation which you will immediately forget once you immerse yourself in the cold and relaxing waters.

The central beach of Agia Pelagia.

Car Rental Agia Pelagia, Rent a Car Agia Pelagia, Car Hire Agia Pelagia
Rent a car in Agia Pelagia – Mythos

The central beach of Agia Pelagia is also one of the sandy beaches. It has lots of beach chairs, coupled with a diving center and water sports. There is a right selection of tavernas and cafeterias right along the beachfront. The bay of the beach deepens very quickly. Are you coming with your children? Well, don’t let them feel neglected, they should experience the fun too. There is a long, narrow and rocky plate which will provide a protective spot for them about in the middle of the beach.

• “Fylakes” A small beach.

Do not in any way let the name of the beach deceive you. Yes! Maybe it’s a small beach, but that cannot take in any way anything from the beauty she has. A tiny beach that is a bit hard to locate and reach but is totally worth the trouble. You will find it behind the peninsula on the north of Agia Pelagia’s main beach.

These are some of the things you need to know when coming to Agia Pelagia.

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