Everything You Need to Know About Preveli Beach

Crete is famous for its many stunning beaches, and many people consider Preveli Palm Beach the very best of them all. It is located on the island’s southern coast; the beach is situated in front of the limestone cliffs of the Kourtaliotiko gorge and is framed by a lush palm forest.
beautiful places to visit in Preveli
The Beach of Preveli is also known as Phoenix or Lake Preveli is located on the way out of the striking Kourtaliotis Gorge, where the Great River flows. It is certainly the most renowned beach in south Crete, tolerant of thousands of visitors every summer.One of the most mesmerizing places in Crete is the astonishing Preveli beach, an exclusive destination in the south of the island. The splendid beach has a little river running into the sea from the mountains, encircled by palm trees and offering an unbelievable experience while visiting Crete, this place is also known as Palm Beach, this is one of those places that captures the heart and thoughts of every traveller. Following is the list of most important things to know about Preveli beach in Crete.
Beautiful locations to visit in Preveli
Preveli is considered one of the most famous beaches in Crete, secluded, beautiful and romantic, this beach is located on the central south coast of the island.

The beach itself is partially sandy, partially pebble and typically the bottom is flat, the water is clean, transparent. The river flowing into the sea makes it cooler in comparison with other southern beaches. The natural attractions in the surroundings are the lake, gorge, and palm grove with a footpath. From the cultural, the above-mentioned medieval monastery, part of which is working, and the other part is transformed into a museum.
Everything You Need to Know About Preveli Beach
Boats are starting from Plakias to the beach and if a person is coming from Rethymno, they can take a bus, a rental car or a taxi. The car can be normally parked near the monastery, after which you will have to go down a steep slope and then climb back. This is why the beach is suggested for those who like to enjoy the active rest or who want to see the sights in addition to swimming. There are quite scenic places here as there is a place to take a photo session. Travellers landing at the airport in Heraklion can arrive at Preveli beach by hiring a car and driving to the south of the island.
Preveli Beaches
It is pretty easy to get to Prevelli Beach by car and if a person drives from Heraklion Town, the trip takes nearly about one and a half hours and follows the coastal road towards the west, then driving south through the heart of the island. There is a specific area for parking close to the beach and you have to walk the rest of the way, following the stairs down from the cliff. It takes about 15 – 20 minutes to go down the trail and about double that time to come back up. Another alternative can be to drive to a spot to the East of Preveli beach from which you can easily walk the beach. There is a road that you could follow from the old Preveli stone bridge.

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