How to Get to Elafonisi Beach for a Great on the Road Experience in Crete?

Enjoy your vacation at Elafonisi Island

Are you planning for a vacation?

Then, Crete can top the list of destinations for your vacation. Once you reach the Chania Crete airport, to explore the magical place leisurely, you need to get a car. Once you rent a car for your travel, you can travel to the southwest coast of Crete to visit one of the most alluring beaches in the world, Elafonisi.

The exotic beach is accessible from Chania within one to one and half hours. If you are traveling from Rethymnon, it may take around two hours to reach the beach, while it may take three to four hours from Heraklion. Elafonisi is a unique beach with characteristics that you cannot find in Greece.

With dunes of pink sand with a soft texture and shallow waters, the lace offers peace and tranquility.

Visiting Elafonisi Beach

If you are on a romantic or family trip, the beach offers the best view. Visiting this exquisite place can offer some unforgettable memories. Instead of visiting the place according to the convenience of others like using public transportation options, you can rent a car from a trusted platform for a great road experience.

With a picturesque landscape waiting by the roadside, you can make the trip exciting and fulfilling. But, choosing the best rental car service can make or break your trip.

Adventures Visiting Elafonisi Beach

Hire A Car to Enjoy A Great On The Road Experience

If you have planned to visit Crete, especially Elafonisi beach, then hiring a car is the best way to reach this mystical place. Renting a car is the easiest method to reach the place with your family. When you opt for a car, you will have great opportunities to see beautiful scenes and discover the island.

Rent a car from a trusted platform such as Crete Rent Car offered by MYTHOS Car Rentals offers you the flexibility of travel. You can make plans based on your or your family’s convenience. If you want to stop and admire the beauty of the landscape on the way to Elafonisi beach, renting a car makes it easier.

Crete beach trip Elafonisi Island

Taking a good car suiting your needs will help you have maximum fun while alternating between the mountain roads and gentler stretches in Crete.

Here are some of the reasons why you need to hire from the trusted rent car services:

  • With more than three decades of experience in catering to the vehicle needs of clients, MYTHOS Car Rentals has established itself as the reputed and trusted rent a car service.
  • Thousands of satisfied customers worldwide can assure the high-quality service offered by the rental car services that will guarantee the most fulfilling and exciting holiday experience in Crete.
  • Find the perfect car suiting your family’s needs and your comfort from the diverse options offered by the platform.
  • Affordable rates for the well-maintained cars available for rent that may not cause any issue on your travel.

You certainly need to car hire in Chania and acquire the possibility to experience as many beauties of this island as possible.

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