Visit the Beautiful Elafonisi with a rental car

Sometimes renting a car is a necessary choice, and sometimes it’s not required! This blog will help you to answer all the difficult questions you may have gone through while considering your auto rental options. We begin with some basic questions like, “At What age can you rent a car?”, along with more difficult inquiries like, “Can you rent your car with someone else’s credit card?”. Make sure you stay connected with us as we are always updating our blog with new rental tips and tricks.

Once you find all the answers to your all the questions head over to our main website and book the suitable rental.  We work with one of the top online travel agencies and the best car rental brokers and the most global car hire aggregators to bring you with best car with best with best prices. If you wish going Elafonisi beach and worried about travelling there? We provide car rental options for those locations as well. We also have an option to provide you with a guide that will help you navigate airports when picking up your auto or car rental. Each post also including rental car company phone numbers, addresses and other useful information for safety purpose.

The Beautiful Elafonisi Beach

Chania Airport car rental guides

When going to a new airport it can be hard to find your way around, especially if you’re picking up a rental car or any rental vehicle.

Live travel updates & news

You will be updated with latest news on the car rental industry, easily find policy updates and other related travel information.

Pink Sand Beach

Rental vehicle policies

There are lots of car rental companies and their policies may differ when it comes to insurance, fees and other terms.

Car rental services for secure & sanitized travel

A personal mode of transport may be the safest way to travel after this covid-19 pandemic. However, not everyone has a personal car and buying a new car is not appropriate option, especially during time of crisis. In such a condition, you can go for car rental services that will offer you the safety of a personal vehicle at affordable price.

Renting a Car

Benefits of Car Rental

No Direct Contact

Our drivers always wear a mask, gloves and avoid contact with guests such as handshakes. They have been advised to sanitize their hands regularly and open/close the door to minimize contact between you and the vehicle

Sanitized Before & After Every Use

We personally keep an eye on sanitization process of every car.

 Customized Solutions for All Travels

Whether you want a drive to the office, an airport, or long-term car rental, you will get the most stable and affordable solution.

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