Gorgeous Villages in Crete You Should Visit During Your Holiday on the Island!

Whether you wish to enjoy the white sandy beaches or immerse yourself in a culture that is both aesthetically beautiful and incredibly intriguing. Crete is the ideal location for you to do so. It contains everything you could want and more. That’s not all; in addition to the well-known tourist attractions, Crete has some of the best-kept secrets that will not only blow your mind but will also provide you with an adventure of a lifetime. Take a look at the list below to learn about the must-see locations in Crete on your next holiday to guarantee you don’t miss out on the excitement. Car hire in Crete and drive to these wonderful destinations.

Heraklion, Archanes

Archanes’ fame has extended throughout Europe! As you enter the hamlet, you will notice the towering neoclassical structure of the Centre of Environmental Education, as well as the all-white church of St. Mary. The hamlet has charming districts with well-preserved homes painted in bright colours. The visitor learns more and more about Archanes as the journey progresses. Ano Archanes will teach you all you need to know about olive oil production. The yards of the houses are also an excellent incentive to visit the town because they are full of flowers, similar to an oasis.

Heraklion, Zaros

The watermill, which has stood in Zaros village for almost 400 years, is the hamlet’s main attraction. According to the locals, Zaros is a fortunate village in the Psiloritis foothills. The combination of fertile fields and orchards, as well as an artificial pond stocked with trout, provides a one-of-a-kind scene. The towering cliffs of Psiloritis, which are regarded as one of Crete’s natural monuments, are mirrored in the lake. Starting at the lake, take the route that leads to the Agios Nikolaos (St. Nicholas) canyon, where the waterfalls and lush environment will take your breath away.


Vamos is among the most “untouched” Cretan villages, preserving its history and customs. The Tuscan landscape is created by olive trees and orchards. The cottages in the surrounding area are built of stone, clay, and wood. Locals will offer you raki and a piece of “Apaki” as you wander around the historic neighborhood with its stone streets, secret corners, and beautifully preserved buildings. In Vamos, you will learn how to produce exquisite Cretan cheeses and other Cretan specialties. You may also view the moon rising over the White Mountains while listening to serenades for unfulfilled loves in Vamos.

Chania, Loutro Sfakion

You can travel to Loutro village from Sfakia in 15 minutes by boat, a South Crete boat excursion you will never imagine. This village between the cliffs has the impression of a summer paradise in southern Crete: isolated, calm, with bars, taverns, and stores. There is always the possibility of being captivated by the full moon, which paints the whole gulf in silver hues. It is the moment when returning to society appears to be a very terrible alternative.

Travelling to this lovely island will not only provide you with an unforgettable experience but will also supply you with memories that will last a lifetime. Mythos car rentals can readily offer you high-quality rental automobiles so you can enjoy the island’s experience in more detail without sacrificing anything.

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