Rent a car and experience Exciting Things in Matala

Matala is a scenic spot in the Bay of Messara with stunning sandy beaches, blue waters and man-made caves carved in the mountains. Earlier, it is substantially a popular location for the hippies in the 60’s and 70’s that came from the world over and lived in the historic caves. This exceptional destination is located on the southeast coast of Crete that attracts several tourists and locals per year.Undoubtedly, Matala is a place that has something for everyone, although it has become a popular tourist destination it still retains the charm and character of a quiet fishing village. It is considered to be an ideal location for those who want to spend their holidays near lovely beaches, archaeological sites and villages with a conventional environment. When a person arrives, it is recommended to hire a car and explore all of the natural beauty and experience the serenity of this charming destination. A person can also drive their car rental to the beach that is half fringed with tamarisk trees and impressive formations of sandstone rock cliffs.

Walk beside the sandy beach, immerse in the sun and take a swim in the crystal-clear waters of the ocean and next visit is to the nearest local shops, bakeries and cafes in town and you can also stop at a seaside tavern and enjoy the delicious Cretan cuisine and the customary raki. With your car rental, you can experience all that and more so you can book your professional car rental now and explore all it has to offer.

Nowadays, there are various skillful car rental service providers with years of experience in renting car industry. Over the years they have acquired the knowledge and experience necessary to satisfy all of your rent a car expectation. Renting car services are available 24/7 and if you require any assistance, they will always provide you with the right car, at the right price, on time with no delays.

Let’s drive south-east and visit the picturesque village of Spili and it takes nearly an hour admiring a stone fountain, springs, chapels and churches with wonderful murals. The next stop gives you the chance to experience Matala, a small village wherein in the 60s a group of backpacking hippies came from the four corners of the earth to find ready-made homes in the caves, express themselves, enjoy free love and create.

The feeling of freedom, the gorgeous beach, the welcoming bay and the azure blue waters form the perfect hippie scene. Unforgettable panoramic sights, the unique Mediterranean landscape and swimming in the turquoise clean sea will be the most exciting memories of your holiday on the island. Along the way back, people can make a stop at Lake Kournas, a popular tourist destination with many shops and tavernas where you can enjoy the magnificent view of the White Mountains reflected in the waters.

Unquestionably, Free parking on the streets coming into Matala but gets busy and to get closer there is a paying open car park at the seafront and into the town.

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