What Inevitable Steps You Need to Know before Hiring Affordable Rental Cars in Crete?

You need to be aware of some important steps while planning to hire affordable rental cars in Crete. Prior to choosing one, it is necessary to create better understanding of the policies and laws of the country. You must be aware of the rental company policies as well.  If you can manage to find the website of reliable local car rental company, you can decisions in a much better and faster way.  Trusted companies reveal honest information about everything and you can take an informed decision.

Know your requirements

You should not depend on any other external source to know your requirements. How many people are travelling is a very important consideration. The car rental needs of an individual are different from a group. If your budget is limited, you need to focus on hiring an economical car. Many companies in Crete offer cheap, affordable as well as luxurious car rental solutions. You can carry pets inside the rental car in this part of the world. However, you have to take care of the necessary precautions. You must know your needs clearly before selecting a car rental company in Crete.

Keep an eye on the delivery and return policies

Many car rental companies in Crete advertise that they offer free pick up and drop off solutions for their customers. You have to be a bit careful about these types of offers. Several service providers limit these services to nearby locales only. If you are in a particular area in Crete like Chania and you want to hire a rental car from a company located in Heraklion, you may not be able to get a free pickup and drop off.  Some additional amount needs to be paid to enjoy these free services. You have to ask the company about these services clearly before making a hiring decision.

Learn about the age requirements and driving license requirements

If you want to hire a car rental service in Crete, must be 21 years old. Certain companies do not allow people above 70 years to drive their cars. You can also expect to pay a young driver surcharge, if you are younger than 25 years old. Wearing seatbelts is mandatory. If you are driving with children under four years, you should opt for child seats.

License needs

If you don’t have a valid license, you should not be allowed to rent a car in Crete. All people, who are not residents of Greece or the EU, should have a valid international driving license or an EU Driver’s Permit.

Additional fee for late car returns

When you hire a rental car in Crete, you should make sure that it is returned on the exact day and time as agreed upon. If you don’t deliver on time, additional fees must be paid. The fine is decided on the basis of the delay duration.

Paying for police tickets is your responsibility

You are held accountable for police tickets you get upon violating the traffic rules in Crete. As a responsible customer, you have to inform the rental company when you receive a police ticket. The fine for traffic violations in Greece is very high. You must be really alert about parking, wearing seatbelts, and staying within the speed limits while driving a rented car on the streets of Crete.  

The condition of the car must also be analyzed in detail before leaving the agency office with your rented car. These are the most important steps you need to be aware of while hiring affordable rental cars in Crete.

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