The Road Less Traveled: Car Rental Tips for Exploring Hidden Gems in Crete

The rich tapestry of history, the stunning landscapes, and the hidden gems of Crete make it an ideal destination for those seeking an off-the-beaten-path experience and an authentic experience. If you really want to get a feel for the magic of this Greek island, you must rent a car. This is not just a convenience; it is a gateway to discovery. We will share useful tips to help you navigate the road less traveled in Crete, revealing its lesser-known treasures and creating a journey you will never forget.

1. Choose the Right Rental Car:

A successful exploration of Crete’s hidden gems requires the selection of the right vehicle. Among the many vehicles that MYTHOS Car Rental offers are fuel-efficient options such as the Honda Civic Hybrid Automatic, versatile vehicles such as the Nissan Tiida, and spacious vehicles such as the Opel Vivaro. If you intend to travel in an environment where you will be covered by difficult terrain and the size of your group, consider the terrain and your group size carefully.

2. Plan Your Route:

Hidden gems can be found throughout the island of Crete, often hidden away from the main tourist routes. Identify lesser-known villages, archaeological sites, and natural wonders in advance of your trip. Travel forums, websites, and local recommendations can provide insights into unique destinations not found in mainstream publications.

3. Embrace the Scenic Routes:

A significant part of the experience of traveling to Crete is the scenic route. Take a scenic route through mountainous terrain that offers panoramic views of the sparkling Mediterranean Sea and valleys. Often, the roads less traveled lead to unexpected vistas and charming villages, giving an insight into Cretan culture. Car hire Heraklion airport

Car hire Heraklion airport

4. Take Advantage of Flexibility:

Having your own rental car allows you to be spontaneous and flexible in your travels. You may change your plans immediately if you find a sign pointing to an intriguing side road or a local recommends a hidden beach. Be open to the unexpected discoveries that may occur along the way and embrace the spontaneity of the journey.

5. Explore Charming Villages:

The villages of Archanes, Anogeia, or Margarites are among the most picturesque villages in Crete. Explore their narrow streets and discover a glimpse into local life and culture, including authentic cuisine, local craftsmen, and welcoming hosts. Discover these hidden gems to experience Cretan life in its purest form.

6. Visit Lesser-Known Archaeological Sites:

The Palace of Knossos is an important archaeological site in Crete, but the island boasts many lesser-known sites of historical importance: Gortyna, Eleutherna, and Aptera offer a more intimate glimpse into the island’s past.

7. Experience Local Cuisine:

Among the joys of exploring hidden gems is discovering local eateries that may not be well-known to tourists. Find family-owned tavernas in small villages where you can savor authentic Cretan dishes made with local, fresh ingredients. Do not hesitate to ask locals for recommendations – they can often lead you to the most memorable food experiences.

8. Seek Out Secluded Beaches:

Crete boasts many beautiful beaches, and the hidden ones are often the most enchanting. You may use your rental car to access secluded beaches, where turquoise waters meet untouched landscapes. To spend a tranquil day at the beach, consider visiting Preveli, Agiofarago, or Ligres.

9. Respect Nature and Local Communities:

Whenever you travel away from the beaten path, respecting the environment and local residents is vital. It is important to follow designated trails, follow conservation guidelines, and interact respectfully with locals. By walking lightly, you contribute to preserving Crete’s hidden gems for future generations.

10. Capture the Moments:

Don’t forget to capture the moments! The road less traveled often leads to a memorable experience. Be sure to bring your camera to capture the hidden gems, charming landscapes, and unexpected encounters that make your Crete experience truly memorable.


MYTHOS Car Rentals offers various car rental services that allow you to explore Crete’s less traveled paths. With freedom, flexibility, and adventure, explore the island’s hidden gems and discover its beauty. Embark on an unforgettable Cretan odyssey where every turn reveals a new and fascinating discovery.


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