The 10 Must-See Destinations in Crete: A Travel Guide by Car   Recently updated !

Greece’s biggest island, Crete, is a stunning location that practically speaks for itself. Unquestionably charming, its beaches attract tourists from all over the world. Mythos Car Rentals Crete provides cheap vehicle rentals in Crete with outstanding service. Driving about Crete is the best approach to seeing its undiscovered treasures, regardless of your level of experience. Come along for the ride of a lifetime!

The following is a list of the ten best places to visit on your trip:

  1. Chania: Old Town Charm

A lot of people visit the lovely old town of Chania, which is on the north coast. You can walk through the small streets of the Venetian Quarter and enjoy the sights. Check out the old harbor if you get the chance. The difference between the Venetian lighthouse and the Egyptian mosque is stunning. You can start your trip off right in Chania, which has a mix of history, culture, and local food.

  1. Rethymno: A Blend of Cultures

It’s interesting to see how Ottoman and Venetian styles come together in Rethymno as you move further. While strolling through the old town, you can see the lovely Fortezza, a Venetian castle that rises above the city. You can get to markets and places that are hard to find through the narrow alleys. Enjoy a romantic dinner by the port of Venice in the evening. You can eat delicious Cretan food and watch the beautiful sunset.

  1. Historical Treasures in Heraklion

The capital and biggest city on the island is Heraklion. History abounds in it. Your tour would be well-started at the Heraklion Archaeological Museum. There, you can learn more about the interesting Minoan culture. After that, simply drive a short distance to the Palace of Knossos, which was once a busy hub of Minoan culture. Think about how grand this ancient society must have been as you walk through the rebuilt palace. In Heraklion, you can learn a lot about Crete’s rich culture and historical history.


  1. Discover the Lasithi Plateau: A Heaven on Earth

Drive to the Dikti Mountains’ Lasithi Plateau, a nature lover’s paradise. Windmills and picturesque villages are famous in this lush region. The mythical Dictaean Cave, Zeus’ birthplace, is worth visiting. The Lasithi Plateau is a peaceful spot with pristine nature and Cretan culture.

  1. Balos Lagoon: Beach Paradise

See the stunning Balos Lagoon in northwest Crete. This private beach paradise has beautiful white sand and sparkling waters. The trek to Balos is an adventure with stunning views of the turbulent coast. After arriving at this hidden gem, you can swim in the blue ocean, rest on the soft sand, and enjoy the tranquility.

  1. Samaria Gorge: Nature’s Wonder

A memorable hike through Europe’s longest gorge, Samaria Gorge, is waiting for you. This natural wonder in the White Mountains is difficult but wonderful to hike. Traveling into the gorge will reveal high rocks, lush greenery, and the relaxing sound of running water. The Libyan Sea view near the gorge’s outlet is stunning.

  1. Vai Palm Forest: Tropical Paradise

The lush paradise of Vai Palm Forest in eastern Crete is the only place in Europe like it. There are thousands of palm trees in this protected park, which makes it feel calm. Indulge in the sandy shoreline, the transparent sea, and the shelter provided by the palm trees. This spot is special and would look great on Instagram.

  1. Imbros Gorge: A Natural Sanctuary

Imbros Gorge is a charming alternative to Samaria Gorge for easier hikes. This valley between Imbros and Komitades has stunning cliffs, abundant flora, and peace. The hike is easy and allows you to enjoy nature and take photos.

  1. Elafonisi: Pink Sand Paradise

Elafonisi’s pink-sand beaches are famous on the southwest coast. The sand tint generated by thousands of shattered coral shells will captivate you as you approach by car. Swim in the shallow, warm waters and unwind in this tropical paradise. Beachgoers and environment lovers should visit Elafonisi.

  1. Spinalonga: Island Fortress

Amidst the coastline of Elounda, one will discover Spinalonga, a miniature island renowned for its profound and intriguing past. Spinalonga, once a pariah colony, is presently a well-liked tourist destination. Aboard a brief vessel to reach the island, where you can investigate the deserted structures while speculating on the past inhabitants. A must-visit destination, Spinalonga provides a singular look into the history of Crete.


Crete has many sights and a rich history, so every visitor will have fun. You’ll have wonderful moments exploring ancient ruins, hiking through stunning canyons, or lounging on pink-sand beaches found nowhere else. Mythos Car Rentals Crete has choices of rental cars that are affordable enough for everyone to enjoy these activities. The rental company also makes sure you have a reliable car so you can see the island’s sights at your own pace.