Make your Cretan adventure plans safely with MYTHOS Car Rentals

The coronavirus pandemic has brought the whole world to a halt. People all around the globe are asked to stay at home. Because of the pandemic, most of us have abandoned or at least modified daily lifetime habits and routines. Covid-19 has put our upcoming holiday plans at stake. Right now, everybody needs a getaway because we all are fed up staying at home.

Beautiful Beaches in Crete

Driving is considered one of the best ways to explore Crete. It is the biggest island in Greece and is known for its unique natural landscapes. It will take you around 5 to 6 hours to complete a road trip from the extreme west to the extreme east. Winding mountain roads, undiscovered beaches, and stunning coastal views are worth a drive. By choosing the option of car rentals, you can visit areas where public transports usually don’t go. And even if you decide to rely completely on public transport, then you will have to depend on the timetable of buses. Car rentals are considered an ideal option for people who wanted to travel to various locations. Renting a car offers you convenience and flexibility which is the most important thing you can get during this covid-19 situation. Car renting is definitely a better option than public transportation as it provides less human contact. A lot of things have changed since the coronavirus pandemic has hit the world. It is high time when everyone needs to take additional precautionary measures. Consider MYTHOS Car Rentals for making your Cretan adventure plans with safety.

  • During these days, the most crucial part of traveling is planning. Because of the Covid-19 pandemic, uncertainties can disrupt your traveling plans anytime. With MYTHOS Car Rental’s pre-booking facility, you can make your plans without uncertainties. During this critical time of the Covid-19 pandemic, the company has amended its policies in order to become more responsive and fulfill the needs of customers. With MYTHOS Car Rental services you can easily modify your reservation for any other day. You can go through the terms and conditions available on the company’s website so that you can make an informed decision and at the same time seek clarity.

Crete Car rentals

  • MYTHOS Car Rentals is making use of several technological platforms in order to minimize human contact. The company is following strict protocols to ensure every customer’s safety.
  • It provides us a sense of heightened security when we have all the important information in our hands. While you travel and explore Greece’s largest island (Crete), MYTHOS Car Rentals ensures your safe return to your friends and family.
  • Long before the Covid-19, the company used to conduct deep cleaning exercises after each rental. And now, the company is paying even more attention to cleaning in order to prevent the spread of coronavirus disease. If you feel uncomfortable, then you can solve your queries and concerns relating to the cleaning procedures. In some of the cases, the company even quarantines a particular vehicle for a specific period of time before renting it to another client. Moreover, the company provides sanitizers and masks at no additional cost.

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