How touring across Agia Pelagia fuels up your wanderlust?

Touring across Agia Pelagia in Crete

Are you sick and tired of staying indoors? Is the explorer and adventurer within you craving a new destination to go to? Agia Pelagia is the perfect destination to sate your desires.

Agia Pelagia is a small village off the Northern shore of Crete and built in the center of a picturesque amphitheatric bay. The name Agia Pelagia meaning Saint Pelagia is based on the ruins of a Monetary of Sebbathians that can be found around a kilometer north of the village that dates back to the Venetian period.

The long sandy beaches that Agia Pelagia is known for worldwide are permanent fixtures in tour guidebooks and for a very good reason. The bay of Lygaria is the second-largest bay in the Agia Pelagia region. It is the quieter and more peaceful counterpart to the often crowded Agia Pelagia beach.

The waters are shallow and calm because of the bay and ideal for swimming. The view of the sun rising over the waves is magnificent and never gets old no matter how many times you watch it. After an entire days’ worth of swimming and snorkeling, a chilled drink from the seaside taverns and the soothing sea winds will be the best remedy for any stress and anxiety you will ever find.

Being a Greek city it is impossible not to be dazzled by the artistic brilliance and expertise on display. The very houses are built in a manner reminiscent of the ancient Greek civilization.

The beautiful white buildings in the village of Agia Pelagia, gleaming beaches and the natural landscape of Agia is a rare treat to enjoy. On top of that, the tours offered by multi-lingual tourist guides and travel agents ensures that you will get a healthy dose of knowledge about the ancient Greek culture.

You can also explore a relatively obscure but intriguing aspect of Agia history. According to local legends and stories, it is in the cave by the mane of “Evresi” that locals found the icon of Agia Pelagia. The opportunity to explore these caves and amble around the University (Prtanion), thought to have been built in 4th century, is a chance you will not get anywhere else.

Another attraction of Agia Pelagia is the variety of water sports available. You can go for scuba diving right at the central Agia Pelagia beach with rental boats and diving instructors available all day long. So strap on those goggles and get ready to explore the depths of the Sea of Crete. Beautiful reefs, never before seen marine wildlife and sunken ships and boats await anyone who dares to venture under the waves. The scuba diving season is open all summer months and usually lasts till November.

There are many sites that deserve to be toured across Agia Pelagia and all of them are either exquisite works of art or a wonder of nature. Your wanderlust will be completely satiated after you visit these sites.

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