How To Experience The Best Of Heraklion On The 72-hour Trip?

Are you planning on a trip to Crete? Then, you need to understand that you have opted for one of the best places in the world for a unique traveling experience. Heraklion is the capital city of Crete with several hidden gems to explore. From the Venetian harbor to learning the history of the city, you have different options to enjoy the sights and have the best experience. How can you make the most from the three-day trip? Rent a car in Heraklion from a trusted agency like Mythos Car Rentals for the best experience. On the three day trip, you can consider exploring the following for the best experience.


Knossos Palace

It is one of the famous places to visit as it is considered as the oldest city in Europe and is Crete’s largest Bronze Age archeological site. The site is well-known because of its political and ceremonial significance in the Minoan Civilization. Using the car rental services from the Mythos Car Rentals, you can get the affordable option to travel to the ancient city without any hassles.

Archaeological Museum

Get the car of your choice for rent from a trusted agency to visit the newly renovated Heraklion Archaeological Museum. It has the distinction of the greatest museums in the country. You can view and learn about the treasures of Crete’s ancient sites. So, it has a complete and notable collection of artifacts. These artifacts of Minoan civilization is beautifully displayed.

Heraklion City


You can visit the city that some interesting places to visit. You can get a car for rent to get around the city and see the beautifully preserved Venetian remains. These construction like the building, fortress, and walls are a treat for your eyes. You can also take a stroll along with the street markets. Your interest will pique by visiting the Historical and Natural History museums.

Ancient Sites

With a rental car, you can have a rewarding experience. You can drive to Phaistos, the ancient Bronze Age archeological site. A couple of kilometers away from Phaistos, you can visit another ancient site, AgiaTriada. The ancient site has growing importance in history as the densely populated and richer compared to Phaistos. Around forty-five kilometers away from Heraklion, you can find another archeological site, Gortyn. Visit the place with the help of a rental car from a trusted source like Mythos.

Getting a car is a wise idea when you land at Crete to make your trip memorable. It solves your problem of going from one place to another. Access the rental services from experts like Mythos Car Rental with more than 35 years of experience in serving the customers. You get the best car in perfect condition delivered at the airport or other places. By getting car rental services, you can have an exciting and fulfilling holiday experience. You can visit several places without any hassles using the rental car. So, within no time, you can experience the beauties of the island as much as possible. Click on for the best traveling experience.

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