Festivals and Events in Crete: How to Drive to the Island’s Biggest Celebrations   Recently updated !

Crete, an island wealthy in history and culture, is also well-known for its vibrant festivals that attract traffic from around the globe. To honestly immerse yourself in Cretan way of life, attending these events can offer a firsthand experience of the island’s background and hospitality. For those making plans to explore those festivities, renting a vehicle may be the most convenient way to navigate the island’s scenic routes and reach these staggering occasions.

Kick off the summer with the Matala Beach Festival

Every June, this Beach Festival lights up the southern coast of Crete with a colorful mix of music, art, and free entertainment. Originally known as a haven for hippies in the 1970s, Matala Beach continues to embrace this heritage with a three-day festival. Attendees can enjoy international music acts and vibrant art installations right on the sandy shores. Driving there is straightforward; a rental car allows you the flexibility to explore nearby hidden gems such as the Red Beach or the ancient ruins of Phaistos.

Experience authenticity at the Rethymnan Renaissance Festival

For those interested in history and drama, the Rethymnan Renaissance Festival in July or August is a must. The festival brings theatrical performances, concerts, and exhibitions inspired by the Renaissance, reflecting Rethymnon’s Venetian past. A trip by car to Rethymnon is a scenic drive along the island’s northern coast, with plenty of places to stop and admire the Mediterranean Sea area.

Come to the Kerasia Festival with the Cretans!

The August Kerasia Festival honors regional traditions, Cretan music, and dance in the center of Crete. This event, which is steeped in local customs, is a wonderful way to sample locally produced wine and handcrafted Cretan food. Nestled in the highlands, the charming village of Kerasia is the venue for the event. For those who love taking scenic routes, the drive is ideal because it offers breathtaking views of the mountains and meandering roads.

Savor the Sultana at the Sitia Wine Festival

In August, the Sitia Wine Festival takes center stage in the east of Crete. Celebrating the region’s renowned wines, especially the local Sultana grapes, this festival offers wine tastings paired with traditional Cretan music and dance. The drive to Sitia reveals the rugged eastern landscapes of Crete, with opportunities to explore the palm beach of Vai or the mysterious Dikteon Cave along the way.

The end of the season at the Arkalochori Ax Festival

The Arkalochori Arrow Festival in September brings the festive season to a close in Crete. This unique program celebrates the archeology of the Arkalochori arrow with cultural performances, traditional Cretan songs, and dances. Located in central Crete, Arkalochori is a short drive from Heraklion, making it a short trip for those who want to explore the island deep into ancient history.

Car Rental: Your Gateway to Crete’s Festivals

While Crete’s public transport can get you to major towns, many of the island’s most charming festivals are held in locations that are easier accessed by car. Renting a vehicle not only provides the convenience of traveling at your own pace but also the freedom to explore off-beaten paths, turning simple festival visits into a comprehensive Cretan adventure.

Tips for Driving in Crete

When renting a motor home, consider the following tips to ensure a smooth experience:

Choose the appropriate car:

Choose the car that suits your travel needs. Small cars are best for narrow village streets, while SUVs are best suited for hilly terrain.

Know the roads:

Be prepared for narrow, winding roads in the countryside and obey speed limits at all times.

Plan your route:

Map out your destinations in advance. Although spontaneous walking is part of the journey, knowing the main trails can save time.


In conclusion, exploring Crete’s festive spirit gives you a chance to engage deeply with the island’s traditions and landscapes. MYTHOS Car Rentals Crete offers a fleet that suits any traveler’s needs, ensuring you have a comfortable and flexible travel experience as you journey from one event to another. Whether it’s a music festival by the beach or a historical celebration in ancient venues, having your own vehicle transforms your trip into an adventure filled with freedom and convenience. So, pack your bags, rent a car, and set out to discover the island’s biggest celebrations, where every turn on the road comes with a view and every festival a new memory.