Explore the island of Crete by MYTHOS Car Rentals

Planning a road trip with your friends or family is considered to be the best thing you can do to invite yourself to break from this mundane routine. You can plan your vacation to a beautiful place such as Crete island, opt for a car hire Crete, and then enjoy exploring the island within your comfort zone.

Car hire by MYTHOS car rentals in Crete is becoming enormously popular throughout the island. People have abandoned the idea of travelling in a taxi service or public transport and are resorting to hiring a car instead. It is because hiring a car has various advantages. Firstly, you can travel within your comfort and convenience. Secondly, you get to enjoy space to yourself, and thirdly, car hires in Crete is available widely at a reasonable price.

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Renting a car by Mythos car rentals in Crete is the wisest thing to do if you want to explore the island conveniently and go off the beaten path. Crete is a large island with various exotic beaches, traditional villages and significant ancient sites. Do you also want to travel away from the crowds and see amazing places away from mass tourism? The beautiful Greek island is substantially the best place to be for your family vacation and trip with your friends. Crete is usually surrounded by the most beautiful wonders, perfect for spending sunrises and sunsets. You can hire Mythos car rentals, and rest assured that you will have a wonderful time on Crete island.

Then, rent a car and start your interesting journey. If you decide to rent a car in Crete, it is important to consider some important things to be prepared for everything.

Necessary documents

The biggest issue for the travellers, who want to rent a car, is that they think only a driving license is necessary. However, it is important to remember that you must also have a credit card in your name to provide assurance. If you have forgotten your driving license, you can still rent the car in your name with your credit card, but a second driver needs to have a valid license to drive.

Car rental location

On the island of Crete, you can rent a car in Heraklion,  Rethymnon and some other places, such as Plakias. However, this does not mean you can return your car to a different location. This service is available, but only upon request and with extra charge.

Online booking

Booking your car rental online has numerous advantages and can save you a lot of money and time. Online, you can get several deals and discounts and get ready to pick up the car without having to wait, when arriving at the airport.

It is always recommended that you do a quick check of the car you are about to rent and check the documentation of any existing dents, scratches or any other cosmetic flaws. As a thorough examination is not always possible hence it is also suggested that you can take photographs of the car so that if you are blamed later you can use the photograph as proof.

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