Car rental in Crete – How to make the right choice

Hiring a car while on vacation in Crete is probably the most cost-effective and efficient way to go. It allows you to see all the sites you’d crave to see during your holidays at your own comfortable pace.

One of the places bringing in history, natural beauty and culture, Crete has a lot of public transport options, but hiring a car lets you do whatever it is you want to do at your own free will, especially when you want a kind of car that fits in perfectly to your budget. A car that makes you feel awesome when driving it, thanks to the proper service and maintainance of the vehicle.

Looking for a car hire company in Crete, you will be open to a whole lot of options, I’m talking about companies such as ours. Not saying car hire brokers don’t exist.

The services you should expect using the Local Car Hire Companies in Crete.

There are obvious differences when it comes to using local companies which are known to have been in existence for a couple of years compared to brokers who are known to work with different car rental companies. The benefits of using some of the local car hire companies vary from the different services they offer, one which you receive from them at the delivery and the collection of the rental car.

The local car hire you choose will determine if you will get an insurance or not. Basically, it all depends on the company if you will be given one. But I will advise you to look out for companies with No Excess policy. This will save you a whole lot of cash.

If you decide to use a local car hire call me, it is important that you learn all you need to know about them before taking the transaction further. Some of these companies today offer free collection and delivery of the car either to the hotel or the airport, this is known as an added convenience. Provided with different vehicles to choose from, so which you can do a search based on the number of people you have with you coupled with your own budget and how much you’re willing to spend on fuel.

One of the biggest factors that you should consider when looking for a car rental in Crete is to find a company that has no booking fees, no hidden costs, and any other additional costs. When you choose a car, all you have to pay for after you rent it is the fuel. Also, some companies charge people for mileage, or for the car wash! You should be careful with these too.

You can make full payment online in advance, count that as another benefit of using a local car hire company. If you don’t want that, you can make the payment once you arrive in Crete. Paying at arrival is the best way to go if you ask me, simply because it acts as a positive just in case you were given a car you didn’t book for (I’m sure you know how ordering things online can be deceitful).

Now that you fully understand what you get when you go for local car hire companies, it will only be balanced to talk about car hire brokers too.

What you get when you use car hire brokers in Crete.

Apart from going to local car hire companies, car hire brokers are also an alternative. Sometimes, when you’re looking for car hire companies in Crete, you’ll be provided with another option. They can be a different comma and, in some cases, you may not realize that they are car hire brokers. These guys don’t own a company, what they do is they deal with a number of car rental companies in their locality. Offering customers different companies to choose from. What this means is that you actually don’t have any idea of where the car you will be getting comes from, you won’t even know if it is well serviced and maintained, or the real and exact contract terms each company has. And that’s because the broker does not really know how to answer you these questions since he is not part of any company.

In this article, we’ll be sharing with you some of the things that brokers never talk to you about and if they advertised these things, they do it secretly.

  • First on our list is the insurance, car hire brokers will never show you a clear insurance policy. If you do get one, watch out for letters written in lower case on the “Terms and Conditions” page.
  • Claiming your insurance is not really the problem, it is the whole process involved in claiming it. in case an accident occurs, you will have to pay for damage. The damage payment will go to the rental company from whom you rent the car from to begin with. Followed by that is the strain in collecting police reports, pictures and the invoice for the spare parts. You might think the whole process will end there, but when you think about the acceptance stage, you know you’ve got something else coming.
  • They have a broad all categories that are why you need to carefully look at the categories you provided with.
  • You should also check the prices of the extra equipment that you need. This car hire brokers usually charge high prices for GPS Sat Nav and baby seats. You should use your own phone as GPS, this will save your whole lots of money in return.
  • If you’ve got full insurance, why then do you still need to offer additional insurance from a third company. Think about it.
  • You might be asked to pay for full tank. Before you are been taken advantage of, you need to understand that you are not obliged to pay any of that. Not to talk of using their petrol pricing.
  • One of the reasons why a lot of people pussyfoot when it comes to going for car hire brokers is the request to pay in advance. You will never get the added advantage compared to the car hire companies themselves.

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