Best Hiking Trails in Crete: A Guide for Road Trippers

Crete is the greatest of the Greek islands. As a result of its rugged mountains, shocking sea shores, and verdant valleys, Crete offers an extensive variety of climbing courses proper for explorers of all expertise levels. Voyagers going on a street outing would be very much served by investigating these ways to see the value in the island’s rich history and regular excellence completely.


Samaria Gorge: A Beautiful Hike

The Samaria Gorge hiking trail in Crete is famous. Samaria National Park’s 16-kilometer White Mountains walk winds through the park. From 1,200 meters in Xyloskalo, the trail drops through a gorge with towering cliffs. The road winds through lush forests, historic ruins, and clear waterways. Trekking passes rare vegetation and animals, including the severely endangered Cretan wild goat (kri-kri). Relax on the beach or swim in the Libyan Sea in Agia Roumeli, where the walk ends.


Imbros Gorge: A Gorgeous Nature Walk

Another must-see trekking location in Crete is the Imbros Gorge. While less difficult than Samaria Gorge, Imbros Gorge offers an equally stunning landscape and a more relaxed trekking experience. The eight-kilometer track starts in the town of Imbros and descends through a small, winding ravine. You will come upon stunning rock formations, shady woodlands, and old stone walls as you go. A classic Cretan dinner can be had at one of the neighborhood tavernas in Komitades, where the walk ends.

Seaside Charm on the E4 European Long Distance Path:

Those interested in a seaside walking experience can find several stunning areas of Crete on the E4 European Long Distance Path. One of the most well-known climbs is from Sougia to Agia Roumeli. This 14-kilometer climb along the unpleasant shore offers staggering perspectives on the Libyan Ocean and the adjoining mountains. Along the way, you’ll see lonely beaches, pine forests, and ancient sites like Lissos’ old city. The sense of remoteness and the amazing surroundings make the often challenging trail well worth the effort.


Balos Lagoon: A Short, Beautiful Walk

There is the Balos Lagoon stroll for those seeking a shorter trek with just as breathtaking views. Balos Lagoon, located in the northernmost point of Crete, is renowned for its perfect beaches and glistening clean waters. Starting in Kaliviani, the road to Balos follows the coastline on a rocky path. From the 3-kilometer trek, the lagoon and the neighboring islands are wonderfully visible. When they get to Balos, visitors can choose to unwind on the white sand beaches or explore the lagoon’s shallow waters.


Rouvas Gorge: A Difficult Psiloritis Natural Park Trek

If you want something different, the Rouvas Gorge is a great choice. Mount Ida, the highest mountain in Crete, is located in the Psiloritis Natural Park, which this demanding 10-kilometer walk crosses. Starting from the settlement of Zaros, the trail climbs through a small gorge surrounded by mountains and lush vegetation. Traveling will reveal expansive vistas of the neighboring mountains, secret caves, and historic monasteries. A tranquil haven with picnic spots and natural springs, Rouvas Forest, is where the hike ends.


Agiofarago Gorge: Southern Crete’s Hidden Gems

Another hidden treasure on Crete is the Agiofarago Gorge. Situated on the southernmost point of the island, this wild and barren gorge offers a very rewarding but difficult hiking experience. Beginning at the Monastery of Odigitria, the 5-kilometer walk winds down a small ravine with rugged terrain and high cliffs. Traveling there will take you past historic chapels, secret caverns, and amazing rock formations. At a remote beach, where the walk ends, you can cool yourself with a swim in the Libyan Sea’s glistening waters.


Preveli Palm Forest: A Relaxed Nature Tour

For those who would rather hike more slowly, the Preveli Palm Forest trail is a great option. One of Crete’s most unique natural treasures, Preveli, is traversed by this lovely walk through its lush palm forest. Starting from the Preveli Monastery, the path drops through a little river-filled tight gorge. You’ll come upon natural lakes, waterfalls, and thick palm trees during your hike. Preveli Beach is where the walk ends, and there you can relax on the sandy beaches or explore the nearby caverns.


Conquering Aradena Gorge: Dramatic Landscape

The Gorge of Aradena is still another outstanding trekking spot in Crete. This strenuous seven-kilometer hike will take you through a spectacular gorge with cliffs and uneven terrain. Beginning near the deserted settlement of Aradena, the trek winds down the gorge, crossing many wooden bridges and stony walkways. Traveling will afford you breathtaking views of the surrounding mountains, historic ruins, and amazing rock formations. At the remote Marmara Beach, the hike ends, and you can relax on the pebbly beaches or cool yourself in the crystal-clear seas.


Myth and Nature’s Wonders:

Take a walk to the Cave of Zeus for a unique hiking experience. The Greek god Zeus was said to have been brought into the world in a notable cavern on the slants of Mount Ida. The outing begins in the town of Psychro, from whence a 2-kilometer climb leads up through a rough territory with all-encompassing perspectives on the Lassithi Level. Traveling there will greet you with breathtaking granite formations, historic ruins, and thriving olive orchards. Where the walk ends, at the Cave of Zeus entrance, visitors can explore the vast underground rooms and admire the magnificent stalactites and stalagmites.



Traveling the hiking paths of Crete will reveal the island’s many sceneries and wealth of natural beauty. Every kind of hiker can enjoy Crete’s steep gorges and verdant woods, as well as its breathtaking coasts and historic sites. Hire a car from MYTHOS Car Rentals to make the most of your hiking trip. Having a reliable car makes it easy to get to these outlying routes and explore the island at your own pace. Hiking routes in Crete ensure an amazing experience for everyone, experienced hikers and casual walkers alike.


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