5 Perfect Ways to Save Money on Car Rental in Crete

Crete is known for its great beaches, mountainous with deep gaps, remote hinterlands and hospitable people. Rent a car today and explore this beautiful idyllic Greek island. But before doing any online car rental booking take a look at this checklist that will help you save money.

  • Go for early booking –

    Some car rental companies in Crete operate limited car fleet hence they need to estimate the demand several weeks in advance to be able to keep a car ready for you. The car rental companies normally recommend that for the peak seasons to avail the best price always get your booking done even months in advance. This practice helps in saving a good amount of money. While booking online, considering the cashback option also helps to save money.

    Ways to Save Money on Car Rental

  • Compare the price of multiple car hire companies –

    Different car hiring companies offer different prices. In order to get the best deal, you should do a comparative study and select the company that gives the best price guarantee with no hidden costs. The rentals in Crete can range from 120€ to 600€ for a week’s hire depending the period and the car.

    Multiple Car Hire Companies

  • Avoid renting cars at the airports –

    If you can avoid it, better not book your rental car from the airport. Renting a car at the airport has always been a lot more expensive than booking in the cities due to the added surcharges. Arranging a car rental through the airport normally adds somewhere between 10 to 25% to the overall costs.

  • Investigate the vehicle and take photos of damages if any –

    To avoid landing up paying any unfair damage charges, as a customer you should always check vehicles thoroughly at the pick-up point and take photos if there are any existing damage on the vehicle. Survey says, that nearly 1 in 5 i.e. 21 % of customers find certain damages on the car rented that are not highlighted in the checkout sheet by the rental company.

Tips To Save Money on Rental Cars

Hence, it is always advised that you do a quick review of the car you are about to rent and check the documentation of any existing dents, scratches or any other cosmetic flaws. Since a thorough examination is not always possible hence it is best you take photographs of the car so that if you are blamed later you can use the photograph as proof.

Some other tips to save on the rental money are to go for companies offering free cancellation up to at least 48 hours, pay tolls in cash, don’t opt for an additional driver instead you give the required support, carry your own child’s car seat, etc. With Mythos car rentals though the extra driver and the child seats are free.

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